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Free 20 minute Coaching Clarity Session

90 minute Hypnotherapy Session with Michele.

Coaching sessions are customizable to fit your needs

Schedule the first session online and the coaching will be scheduled with Michele
This plan requires 20-minute phone consultation before your first session.

Each follow up session is 30 minutes, once per week either by phone or Zoom.

Please call (916) 765-3839 to get this consultation scheduled.

entrepeneurs gold

Entrepreneurs Gold
Hypnosis and Coaching Package

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Manifesting, Scripting, LOA,
Vision Boards, where do I start?
Hypnosis and Coaching Package

The Entrepreneurial Gold can help propel your business to the next level. You will gain self-confidence, creativity, and clarity. It will also help you to strategize and execute quicker. Schedule your free consultation today.

Law of Attraction and manifesting coaching can inspire, motivate, and help clients create a life of abundance and freedom, overflowing with happiness, love, empowerment, good health and joyous relationships,


The Secret To Manifesting Anything Effortlessly Self-Paced Online Program

In this step-by-step, self-paced program I'll take you on a journey of discovery and growth. You will learn how to manifest money, love, anything.



Hypnosis Recordings $47.00

Most purchased recordings: Abundance & Gratitude, Stop Smoking, Attracting
Money & Success, Peaceful Sleep, Enhance your Manifesting, Exercise More
If what you what isn’t here, please email me.
Note: These are not recorded in a studio.

Abundance & Gratitude


Stop Smoking


Attracting Money & Success


Peaceful Sleep


Enhance Your Manifesting


Exercise More


Weight Release


Stress Relief


Stopping Anxiety & Panic Attacks


Overcoming Fear


Curing Procrastination


Improving Self-Confidence / Self-Esteem


Gastric Band


Sales Motivation


Business, weight management, goal setting, law of attraction, manifesting and more.


Weight management, freedom from depression, prosperity & abundance, stress, anxiety, high performance (sports, business, school), happiness, insomnia, relationships, spiritual development, fertility & birth, addictions, fear & phobias, smoking cessation, personal development, self confidence, self esteem and more.

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